Dear parents, you’re STILL being lied to (rebuttal to Jennifer Raff’s unsupported pro-vaccination claims)

Noch einer (auch auf englisch), aber lesenswert!

Rina Marie 1994, a song written by a jam band called Blues Traveler came out and was played in clubs and on radios across the nation.  It made the top ten charts and remains one of the most memorable songs from the 1990’s.  That song was entitled Hook and the lyrics of the song assert that even if what a singer sings about is effectively meaningless, listeners will keep coming back to it so long as it’s articulated in a way that makes listeners feel „some inner truth of vast reflection“ is being conveyed.  Most listeners didn’t even pay attention to the lyrics, but sang along anyway.  Well, folks, that’s exactly what’s been happening recently with an article on vaccinations that’s been making the rounds lately.  Welcome to information age, where a blog post can be shared all over cyberspace and receive over 10,000 „likes“ on facebook and say very…

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